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About Us

We, ‘Tirupati Industries’ are one of the leading manufacturers of Premium Dhoop & Incense sticks (agarbatti) in India. Incorporated in the year 2003, Tirupati Industries entered this highly competitive market with the objective of providing quality dhoop and incense sticks to all the consumers at affordable prices. This mantra of delivering quality products at attractive pricing has done wonders over the last few years. Today Tirupati Industries is the proud owner of many a successful dhoop and incense stick brands. The most popular ones are

  • God Git Dhoop & Agarbatti
  • Sacche Sai Dhoop & Agarbatti
  • Apple Dry Sticks 
  • Kashi Dhoop & Incense Cones


About the Product

We at Tirupati Industries believe in offering unique fragrances to our customers thus we have our own R&D laboratory where we develop our own compounds which are used in our products. Today we offer a wide range of products such as Wet Dhoop, Incense Sticks, Incense Cones, Dry Sticks, Sambhrani Cups, Hawan Samagri. All these products are available in various packaging types such as boxes, pouches, zipper, muttha & Jar. There are nearly 350+ product SKU's in our portfolio.